ZIG Kuretake Embossing Pen 燙凸筆 3 Pens Set (6 Tips)

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ZIG Kuretake Embossing Pen
Embossing is a fun way to add "raised and glazed" lettering and designs to your cards, invitations, and more.

Great for freehand lettering and drawing or with stencils and rubber stamps. Just make your marks then generously sprinkle embossing powder over them (as quickly as possible, to prevent the ink from becoming too dry). Tilt your paper and let the excess powder slide off. The slightly sticky ink will hold the powder on just your marks. Repeat this "powdering" process if there are parts of the mark that aren't fully covered. Using a small, dry paintbrush can help remove stray powder if any sticks to the paper around your marks. Then use a heat tool to melt the embossing powder- leaving you with beautiful embossed effects!
  • 3 Pens in each Set,with a total of 6 Tips (Brush Tip, Bullet Tip, Calligraphy Tip & Scroll Tip)

Embossing Basic Tools 基本需要3種用具 (按產名稱查看詳情):

  1. Embossing Powder 燙凸粉
  2. Embossing Pen 燙凸筆
  3. Heat Gun 熱風槍

*Heat gun cannot be replaced by hair dryer

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