Calligraphy Services

We provide in studio and on-site calligraphy services tailored for corporate events,  brand & retail activation, media launches and workshops.

Corporate Events

Specialized in providing professional calligraphy services for corporate events,  brand & retail activation, media launches. We strive to create a personalized experiences for your customers and clients by adding some warm and personal touch to your events.

Creative Projects 

We provide custom calligraphy services for your event stationery to make your guest feel uniquely special. We are experienced in writing on different surfaces including paper, leather, glass, fabric etc. Besides handwriting, we are also specialized in gold foiling and engraving.

Corporate Workshops

We provide professional and memorable calligraphy workshops for your staff and clients. Our workshop can be tailored depending on your needs and objective. Besides, we also hold calligraphy classes for schools and NGOs. Duration is also flexible, ranging from 1-3 hours.

Feel free to talk with us if have any other creative collaboration ideas!

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Our Clients:
Tiffany & Co、Facebook、Cartier、Helena Rubinstein、Jockey Club、Manulife、Kohler、Standard Chartered、Loreal Group、Maison Margiela、CDF by Duty Zero、Hysan Property Management Limited、Sheraton Hotel、The Young Members Society of the Hong Kong Construction Association、Harriman Property Management Limited、Life in Motion、Queen Mary Hospital、Tung Wah Group of Hospital、Hong Kong Red Cross、VTC and Schools etc