Ranger Embossing Powder 燙凸粉

Regular price HK$49.00

Add dimension and shine to your projects with Ranger Embossing Powders! Ideal for stamping, lettering, and adding finishing touches to any product. 

美國大品牌Ranger的Embossing Powder,質素保證。燙凸效果均勻明顯。

Sticky Powder用熱風槍吹溶後有黏性,可黏閃粉,裝飾等。

Embossing Basic Tools基本需要3種用具 (按產名稱查看詳情):

  1. Embossing Powder 燙凸粉
  2. Embossing Pen 燙凸筆
  3. Heat Gun熱風槍

*Heat gun cannot be replaced with hair dryer風筒不能代替熱風槍


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