ZIG Mica Gold & Silver Ink 雲母銀液、金液

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  • 高光,高濃度,含云母水性金,銀色顏料書液
  • 著色力高,毛筆及蘸水筆都合適
  • 把金液和銀液混和使用調較出獨特的金屬顏色
  • 書寫揮春賀卡或西洋書法繪畫同樣效果出眾
  • 樽內附有鐵珠,用前輕輕搖晃使顏色均勻
  • 60ml

Very bright and impactful mica gold/silver ink on a dark or black background. It is an acrylic that can be used as is or slightly diluted depending on the instrument used. Once dry it is waterproof. Clean the brushes and nibs thoroughly after using this ink.

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