ZIG Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolour Set 14色水彩套裝

Regular price HK$196.00
ZIG Kuretake Transparent Watercolor

可作Brush Lettering / 繪畫背景 / 水彩畫使用。


  • 14色無酸透明水彩顏料
  • 儲水水彩筆一支
  • 0.3細咀繪圖筆一支

盒蓋設計成調色碟, 無論室內戶外都方便使用。

Japanese traditional solid watercolours, made by hand with traditional methods ideal for both professional artists & craft enthusiasts.

This set of 14 comes with a water fillable brush and a black Mangaka fineliner in 0.3, all packaged in a convenient portable box - perfect for bringing with you whenever creativity strikes!

The colours will sometimes appear a bit rough, due to air bubbles that come from the traditional manufacturing methods. This will in no way affect their performance - we can assure you that these colours are top quality.

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