ZIG Kuretake 2-Way Glue (多用塗,可配合燙金紙使用)

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塗上後還是藍色時可作手工膠水使用,當變成透明時可用作Gold Foiling,Masking等等。

Gold Foiling燙金: 使用2-Way Glue繪畫字體圖案後,等膠水變成透明,然後貼上燙金紙。燙金紙黏著後便可斯下。

Masking: 使用2-Way Glue繪畫字體圖案後,等膠水變成透明,然後塗上顏料。顏料乾透後用手指擦去Masking的地方。

Foiling Sheets燙金紙詳情按此


These dual action ZIG Memory System 2 Way Glue pens are ideal for all your paper crafting projects. It can also be used as glue for foling. Glue is blue when wet, giving a permanent bond. Or wait a few moments until it turns clear, then it will be re-positionable.

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