ZIG Karappo Pen 5 Pens Set (Bullet/Brush Tip)

Regular price HK$72.00

可讓您使用自己喜歡的彩色墨水進行書寫。帶有圓形標籤,您可以自行繪畫並粘貼在筆帽頂部!書寫線寬0.4毫米 或 Brush Tip


  • 將棉芯浸到墨水內
  • 將棉芯插入筆身
  • 蓋上尾蓋
  • 完成!

Create an unique pen with your favorite ink! Comes with a round label that you can stick on the top of the pen cap.

Writing line width 0.4mm or Brush Tip

How to use:

  • Soak the cotton wick into the ink
  • Insert the cotton into the pen body
  • Close the cap at the end of the pen

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