ZIG Clean Color Dot (單支)

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ZIG Clean Color Dot (單支)

It can create a varied width from 1 mm to 5 mm and colour variation by changing the pressure. You can use it to create dot illustrations, brush lettering, colouring, and making cards. The round shape made by the dot tip is perfect for highlighting dates and making a to-do list in your planner.

Kuretake Clean Color Dot marker also features a 0.5 mm hard plastic nib on the other end. Great for writing and detailed drawings. 

  • 有柔性圓點筆尖
  • 圓筆頭具彈性,通過不同按壓力度可畫1- 5mm圓點
  • 適合繪畫插圖,點畫或點畫剪貼簿等
  • 水性顏料墨水
  • 光照安全,無酸,耐光,無臭,不含二甲苯

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