ZIG Calligraphy Marker 彩雙頭書法筆 12 Colors Set

Regular price HK$180.00
ZIG Memory System Calligraphy II 12 Color Set
  • 水性,無臭及無二甲苯
  • 雙頭平頭筆咀 (3.5mm & 2mm) 
  • 可以用來作不同用途的書寫或繪圖,適用於紙張及橡皮圖章
  • 12色

Double-tipped calligraphy markers  - one end has a 3.5 mm square tip while the other has a 2.0 mm square tip. These markers use a water-based ink that will not bleed and is photo-safe and waterproof. Archival quality, light-fast, acid-free.

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