ZIG 顏彩耽美珠光色 Gansai Tambi Pearl Color 6 Color Sets

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ZIG Kuretake Gansai Tambi Pearl Color


The rich and intense colors of Gansai Tambi are handcrafted, professional-quality pigment inks. These fine-caliber watercolors are highly blendable, with a creamy-smooth consistency found only in traditional Japan.

The Pearl Colors Set is a tuned palette of six subtle pearlescent mica watercolors that sparkle and shimmer. Metallic colors can be applied to both dark and light papers. These watercolors can be as opaque as gouache when used with little water. To achieve a more transparent effect, dilute the paints with water and blend until the desired consistency and opacity is reached.

Includes one each of the following colors: Pearl Pink 734, Pearl Scarlet Red 731, Pearl Lemon Yellow 740, Pearl May Green 751, Pearl Cobalt Blue 762, and White Gold 906.

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