Written Word Calligraphy Practice Pad (6 Modern Styles)

Regular price HK$295.00

如果對Dip Pen Modern有興趣,又想發掘更多不同字型,非常推薦這款練習簿。除了講解基本技巧,每個字母會有6款Modern字體可供練習。

Each practice pad includes 65 pages, covers the basic tools and how-to's, practice drills, lowercase alphabet or uppercase alphabet, connecting letters into words, and words into phrases. It features 6 modern calligraphy styles to practice with.

The practice pads are printed on beautiful tried and tested calligraphy practice paper, FSC-certified and spiral bound on the top for easy tearing. Intended to be used with a pen, pointed nib, and sumi ink.

Lowercase and Uppercase are two separate pad. Each pad is 8.5x11 inches, and about 0.5 inches thick.

Designed and printed in Canada


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