Winsor and Newton Designers Gouache (沾水筆推薦使用)

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6色Primary Set,可自調出任何顏色墨水!沾水筆寫出來的效果非常利落,墨水亦流暢。只需用少許調色,墨水便可使用很久。

Opaque matt colour, perfect for creating bold, vibrant artworks. Popular with designers, illustrators and commercial artists. All these tones are intermixable. With the 6-color Primary Set, you can customize any color ink. The effect of writing with a dip pen is very neat and the ink is smooth. 

Primary Set 6 x 14ml

This set offers a selection of 6 x 14ml tubes. The colours have been specially selected for optimum results when colour mixing to produce strong, bright mixes. Includes: Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Primary Blue, Permanent Green Middle, Ivory Black, Zinc White. Actual contents may very.

We also have a few popular colors - Opera Rose, Cobalt Turquoise Light

For mixing pastel color, recommend adding Bleed Proof White to Gouache:

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