日本 三菱 UNI POSCA Marker - Pastel

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日本 三菱 UNI POSCA Marker - Pastel

7色 耐水性顏料


顏色: 粉藍、薄荷綠、粉黃、粉橙、粉紅、粉紫、薰衣草

  • 覆蓋性高
  • 可書寫於相片、鏡、膠片等紙以外物料
  • 0.7mm Tip
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Stable pigments
  • Strong UV resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Permanent on porous surfaces and erasable on most smooth non-porous materials, your creations can be protected with a fixative varnish.
  • Bright, opaque colours with strong coverage
  • Made in Japan
Very rich in pigments, POSCA paint provides results of incomparable density. Its unique water-based formulation delivers bright, matte, opaque colours that withstand the passage of time. It has no odour. Layerable, mixable, water-soluble, weather-resistant.
The very high quality of the materials used guarantees a stroke that is always perfectly smooth. The line is regular, the action is unique and the pleasure of creating with POSCA is unparalleled.

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