Tombow Water Brush 儲水筆

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  • 適合用於水彩畫、彩繪、書寫、繪畫、書法、Calligraphy及Lettering
  • 不同尺寸筆頭,方便不同的創作
  • 尼龍毛筆頭,富有彈性且不易開叉
  • 透明筆身,儲水量一目了然
  • 清洗方便,只需按壓筆身,清水就會把筆頭的顏色帶走
  • Small & Medium Tip

The Tombow Water Brush is the perfect accessory for lettering, illustrating,sketching, manga and more! Simply fill the barrel with water and use it to blend colours of your favourite ABT Dual Brush Pens or any other watercolour product.

  • Refillable water brush
  • Ideal companion for the Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens
  • Easily blend water-based markers, watercolour paints and pencils with the soft flexible tip
  • Fill with water
  • Gently squeeze barrel to apply

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