Tombow Mono Graph Zero 0.3mm 特幼鉛芯筆

Regular price HK$53.00
  • 極幼0. 3mm筆芯
  • 極細的MONO橡皮擦提供高準確性及優秀的擦拭功能
  • 直徑2.3mm的旋轉式精準橡皮擦
  • 握把處有金屬刻紋防滑,長4mm的護芯管能夠使書寫更精準
  • 低重心設計,好握、穩定,適合長期書寫及精密作圖

A professional mechanical pencil equipped with a precision ultra-fine MONO eraser. Equipped with a 2.3mm precision ultra-fine mono eraser that enables pinpoint erasing. A metal knurled grip that has been anti-slip processed to enable stable writing. A low center of gravity design with full-scale specifications that satisfies not only normal writing but also drafting applications.

How to use the eraser - Turn the eraser unit clockwise to pull out the eraser. 

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