Tom's Studio The One Dip Wonder 沾墨神器

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  • 沾墨神器
  • 只需安裝在筆咀位置,便可增加筆咀儲墨量
  • 磁性設計,安裝方便
  • 不用經常點墨,非常方便
  • 洗淨後可重復在其他筆咀使用

The 'One Dip Wonder' really is a game changer. Having to dip your pen in ink half-way through writing can ruin your flow, cause an inky mess and take up your precious calligraphy time.  

The 'One Dip Wonder' combines the perfect size spring with a tiny but powerful neodymium magnet creating a reservoir of ink for your calligraphy pen

All you have to do is pop it onto the back of the nib (underneath the breather hole) and you're ready to go!  


- The One Dip Wonder currently works with larger straight nibs like Nikko Gs, EF Principals, Hunt 101s etc. (Blue Pumpkin and Brause EF aren't currently compatible. )

- Please be sure to clean and dry your spring and magnet after each use to prolong their life.

- We have found that the One Dip Wonder will not work with certain colours in the Finetec metallic ink palettes. 

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