Tom's Studio Bloom Oblique Penholder

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  • 斜筆桿尾部以黃銅製成,非常獨特
  • Flange的角度可調整
  • 採用Universal Flange,適合所有筆咀使用
  • 筆桿中間可放1-2支筆咀
  • 左手/右手也可使用


Every pen is machined from solid metals on a lathe used for making fine watch and aerospace-grade components, so you can be sure your pen will write perfectly for years and years to come.


Blooming Clever!

The Bloom's has a unique Universal Flange which can hold nibs of different size. One of the most important features is the ability to adjust the angle of the nib.  

Beauty is in the eye of the nib holder.

With it's organic compound curves, the body of the pen is as beautiful as it is functional...with just the right amount of grip whilst feeling secure and balanced in the hand.

The solid brass tail moves the centre of gravity to the centre of the pen so that you have full control and lightness of touch on your upstrokes.

Secret Nib Compartment.

Nib tins, who needs 'em.  Your Bloom conceals up to 3 nibs, so you can easily take your favourites with you wherever you go. 

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