Stonehenge Aqua Block Coldpress Pad (黑色水彩紙)

Regular price HK$185.00

This 100% cotton, cold-pressed paper is great for watercolor, gouache, metallics, and acrylics. This package contains 15 8x10 inch sheets of double-sided paper in designs. Acid free. Imported.

The first 100% cotton black watercolor paper: Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black. Black paper is not a new thing, but black 100% cotton paper sized for watercolor is. And while it may be dark, it's a chance for those who live and breathe watercolors to bring a new breed of creativity to light. Paper is 100% Cotton, Neutral pH, Acid Free and Chlorine Free. Ideal for calligraphy; intaglio; letterpress; pen and ink; pastel and charcoal; silkscreen; and watercolor.

15 sheets; 300gsm; 20.32 x 25.40CM

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