日本新版 Pilot Parallel Pen 平行筆

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  • 日本新版平行筆,6尺寸可選擇
  • 使用Ink Cartridge不用沾墨,方便書寫
  • 可書寫Italic、Gothic、Roman
  • 每套包括平行筆、黑/紅色卡水、清潔器、紙粉清潔劑、說明書
  • 如想配合自己的鋼筆墨水使用,可以注墨針筒將墨水注射進Ink Cartridge


The Pilot Parallel Pen features a breakthrough nib design that relies on parallel plates to create sharp, beautiful lines, making it perfect for calligraphy and lettering.

The unique, two-plate design allows the ink to flow evenly along the entire width of the nib so you can use both the flat edge for broad strokes and the corner for narrow lines. You can also use two Parallel Pens to blend between colours by touching the tips together for a few seconds. The ink will flow from one pen to the other, creating a gradient effect when writing. 

Each set comes with a pen, one black and one red ink cartridge, a converter to flush the pen, nib cleaner and care guide. 

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