筆尖溫度 描字本 (鋼筆體、單線體、原子筆花體) Portable Copybook (Penmanship/Monoline)

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  • 內頁為進口透明單光紙,各種筆具都好描,水量極大的藝術鋼筆(平行筆)也扛的住
  • 內附三種經典手寫字卡 (鋼筆體、單線體、原子筆花體),方便描寫練習
  • 字卡有影片示範連結,可用手機邊看邊寫
  • B6尺寸(12X16cm)80頁,方便好攜帶
  • 產品並不包括筆具,需另外購買
  • The inner pages are made of imported transparent single-gloss paper, which is easy to write with all kinds of pens.
  • Contains three handwriting cards (Penmanship/Monoline) for practice. Simply put the card under the transparent paper and you can trace the letters to practice.
  • The word card has a video demonstration link, which can be watched and written on your mobile phone
  • B6 size (12X16cm) 80 pages. Convenient and portable

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