Moblique V2 Penholder

Regular price HK$90.00
  • Moblique 二合一筆桿,一支可直/斜筆桿互換。只要插入斜桿專用Flange便可當斜筆桿使用。
  • 筆桿中間可扭開放Nibs (可放到2隻Nikko G Nibs)
  • 已包Flange

Light Weight & Comfortable - This penholder is super lightweight weighing 8 grams, with an empty compartment, and has a comfortable medium-sized grip, and a maximum thickness of about 14mm. It also features a small curved shaped dip in the front of the holder for your index finger to rest on.

Materials: ABS plastic, brass 

Length: 155mm

Grip size: fingers grip 10mm, widest point 13.8mm

Weight: 8 grams

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