Roberson Liquid Leaf

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  • 鍍金墨水,仿傳統鍍金效果
  • 可用於木、金屬、玻璃、瓷器等等
  • 可配合Brush或Ruling Pen使用
  • 不可用於沾水筆

*請使用一個舊Brush,因為這款是Permanent墨水,很難清洗。如使用在Ruling Pen,不能夠徹底消洗到筆上的墨水,但不影響使用。

  • Remarkable gilding paint that contains its own red primer and film of lustrous gold, premixed into a single liquid.
  • It flows easily onto the surface with no brush marks, forming a beautiful, lustrous finish.
  • It is so controllable that it can be used with striping brush.
  • Liquid Leaf can be used on wood, metal, glass, ceramics, papier-mache and cardboard. It can also be used as an ink.
  • One colour of Liquid Leaf can be used over another once dry.
  • For air brushing all colours can be thinned with the Brush Bath.
  • This easy-to-control one-step paint gives a brilliant sheen without brassiness, a permanent finish more closely resembling traditional leafing.
  • Made in England 


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