Kuretake Fudegokochi

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Kuretake’s Fudegokochi brush pen has a deep black, water-based pigment ink and a flexible fine tip. It produces clean, controlled lines with plenty of variation to give your drawing or writing an organic character. The ink consistently glides out smoothly. Fudegokochi pens are perfect for small lettering, including hand-lettering and calligraphy. Illustrators and cartoonists also love this pen as a drawing tool. Made in Japan.


  • 適合初學者的極好的毛筆
  • 看起來像筆,但書寫像毛筆
  • 筆咀類型-硬刷頭
  • 筆咀順富有彈性
  • 水性颜料墨水
  • 適合書寫、插畫、素描、簽名等
  • 筆身輕巧,舒適,墨水流暢

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