Jacquard Pearl Ex Metallic Calligraphy Set

正常價格 HK$196.00
  • 金屬粉顏料,可自行調製金屬色墨水
  • 可用於沾水筆或Brush
  • 加入金屬粉、水和附上的Gum Arabic即可製成墨水 (金屬粉:水:Gum Arabic 4:4:1)
  •  可加更多Gum Arabic以防smearing 

This Metallic Calligraphy Set by Jacquard is the perfect introduction to making custom, reflective ink. Included in this set is 9 Pearl Ex colors as well as 3 jars of gum arabic. Also featured is the exclusive color Rose Gold, designed by calligraphers for calligraphers! Set includes: Rose Gold, Silver, Pearl White, Solar Gold, Aztec Gold, Grey Lavender, True Blue and Pink Gold.

This package contains nine 3g jars of Pearl Ex pigment in assorted colors and three 2.25g jars of Gum Arabic. Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.