Fox and Quills Calligraphy Ink

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呢款沾水筆墨水想入貨好耐,供應商終於答應了!在書法家當中很出名的一款墨水,書寫時非常順滑,線條幼細,採用不同的材料 (紅酒、啤酒等等竟然也有) 全人手製作。全系列21色。

Famous among Calligraphers, these inks are hand-mixed and super smooth. You can achieve gorgeous hairlines for any pointed pen script. Fox & Quills inks feature a unique base for each color and a special blend of pigments, a binder, and other secret ingredients are added to stabilize the ink. They have both the Pigmented Ink and Iron Gall Inks.

30ml Glass Bottle 玻璃樽身樣子請看最底。*我們沒有入更大容量的三角形樽款,因為那款不防漏的。30ML樽身最安全穩陣。

Color Chart - 

Pigmented Ink

Iron Gall Ink

每款墨水的詳細介紹 - 

Pigmented Ink

  • Aubergine Dye Based Ink
    Aubergine is just the fancy French word for eggplant - but it sounds so much yummier in French!! It's a radiant red-violet ink that, just like a real eggplant, will vary from very dark to very vibrant depending on how much you lay down
  • Bali Hai Pigmented Ink
    Bali Blue is inspired by the beautiful ocean water in Bali. Bali Blue is a water-soluble gloss pigment ink. We give the ink a glossy clean finish - we love how it can still look wet even it's dry.
  • Candy Apple Gloss Pigment Ink
    Candy Apple Red is a water-soluble gloss pigment ink. We have give the ink a glossy-clean finish. It is so glossy that it feels wet even when it's dry! There's also a small amount of glitters in it. 
  • Emerald Green Pigment Ink
    This ink shines like an Emerald. Just another excuse to add some jewel tones in your collection.
  • Flamingo Pigmented Ink
    The Flamingo is a pigmented ink which makes sure the pink stay a brilliant pink, guaranteed to get you in a Tropical mood!
  • Fushimi Inari Vermillion Ink
    While in Kyoto, we visited the mind-blowing Fushimi Inari temple - the thousand Tori are painted in an exquisite shade of reddish-orange vermillion that is hard to translate in pictures, as the pigments can't be reproduced easily. 
  • Mermaid Magic
    The color is a deep and satisfying seafood green that is also opaque and can be used on black paper. It has some sparkle and shimmer in it that is reminiscent of fish scales. 
  • Midori Sour Pigmented Ink
    It's a fresh & vibrant color with hues of bright yellow to green. The thickness of your bead of ink will influence the end color. A thicker line will yield a greener color, while a light touch will definitely look yellow. 
  • Moroccan Gold Shimmer Ink
    It simply works like magic. It writes like butter, flows incredibly well, creates thick beads that dry with a texture that can be felt - and the sheen is simply luscious and rich.
  • Muir Woods
    This ink was inspired by our beloved redwood forest here in the Bay Area. Muir Woods is a mossy-green that looks very "natural", as if one would encounter moss on the side of a tree after a rainfall.
  • Purple Rain Pigmented Ink
    Enjoy this deep purple ink that will brighten up your collection. The color will vary depending on the paper you use - on some papers it will show as a translucent purple, on others it will have a darker, more stormy look.
  • Sakura Pearlized Calligraphy Ink
    Sakura is our first pearlized liquid calligraphy ink! Full of brilliance and perfect for application on both light and dark backgrounds.

Iron Gall Inks

These gorgeous inks have a higher pH, so unlike many iron gall inks they won't corrode your nibs as quickly, they won't grow mold.

  • Balsamic Red Pigmented Ink
    It is a hybrid ink - it consists of about 20% of Iron Gall, with a Carmine red concoction. Carmine is a processed product of raw cochineal, brighter and redder. Don't get it wrong, the ink is far from being a bright red: the Iron Gall part of it tries very hard to turn the ink too black.
  • Beetle Juice Iron Gall Ink
    At first appearance this ink is a stunning deep purplish-red, but as it dries, it shifts to a dark and ominous red-black iron gall. The base is again the crowd favorite french red wine (a 2014 Beaujolais) which has been fermented with the Aleppo Oak Galls and we add our own blend of Cochineal powder (it's a small, highly pigmented little beetle!).
  • Elephant Iron Gall Ink
    The Elephant starts out very light, barely noticeable - nearly like writing with water! - and then it turns into a deep, rich grey in about 60 seconds. Just like the beautiful dark skin of an Elephant!
  • Jane Austen Formula Iron Gall Ink
    It smells heavenly as long as you like a lovely British ale. It is 100% made from British beers. The ink slowly turns black as it dries.
  • Nina’s October Blues Ink
    Writes as a light grey with a bluish tint, then turns charcoal with blueish undertones. The color is moody and troubled. Like a walk in the chill air of an October sky, the shades of grey and blue are the stormy clouds brewing above, menacing of rain and darkness.
  • Nina’s Sugar Plum Ink
    It's writes like a super light, translucent lilac and slowly darkens to a grey/violet, depending on the paper used.
  • Peacock Iron Gall Ink
    It's now one of our most beloved ink formula. The color is a green and blue mix that is surprising and it's quite opaque! The secret is in the fact this it is a hybrid ink: it's about 20% Iron Gall, and 80% dye & pigment.
  • Iron Throne Iron Gall Ink
    James Stark favorite formulation, it is truly the King of all Iron Gall inks. But this batch isn't one that happens in just a week or two of creation - an 8 week gradual fermentation for the oak galls to fully release their precious tannic-gallic acids. It takes us up to 3 months to make a single jar of ink
  • Victoria Iron Gall Ink
    This ink has a high percentage of organic compound - the luscious brown color comes from stain created from wood dust. The color has a natural vibe.
  • Cleaning Solution for Iron Gall
    This formula is engineered specifically for hard to clean Iron Gall inks.


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