Flourish - An Introduction to Historical Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy

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  • 沾水筆版天書
  • 涵蓋了銅板體、摩登體、裝飾線、數字、沾水筆繪圖、花鳥繪、工具詳解、排版等等
  • 初學者、專業西洋書法家均值得收藏的一本書
  • 全書共200頁彩色印刷
  • 目錄請看產品圖

“Flourish” provides clear, easy to follow instructions on the essential skills required for copperplate calligraphy. It also serves as an interesting reference for more experienced calligraphers seeking inspiration, ideas, and further information on advanced techniques.

“Flourish” is lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs, full-colour illustrations, and expert examples of fine handwriting to complement the written descriptions. Alongside a thorough grounding in the practical basics, the observations in this book equip you with everything you need to develop a unique writing style of your own.

No former knowledge of calligraphy is necessary to appreciate and understand this book.

Book sections include a look at the development of historical copperplate, practical lettering instructions for lower-case letters, alphabet variations, gilding, embellishments and more. Suited to beginners, intermediate students, and advanced calligraphers.

A thorough presentation that includes detailed letterform instruction for Copperplate lowercase and provides various different capital alphabets to use with them. Also includes embellished words and capital letter alphabets plus pointed-pen monogram letters; flourishing of script; flourishing to create pictorial elements ranging from simple shapes and florals to traditional off-hand birds/quill and modern-style animals; and flourished borders. There are sections on color and paints and on metallics - gold leaf gilding (flat and raised with gesso), using shell gold as well as mica-based metallics - plus detailed sections on oblique pens holders, and so much more.

Author: Veiko Kespersaks

Paperback / 200 pages / Full Color

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