Finetec Coliro Pearlcolors 散裝

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Coliro Pearlcolors are artist's colors that can be mixed with water and then applied with a brush or nib. They are very creamy and highly pigmented. Pearlcolors have been produced in Germany since 2005. They are handmade with great attention to detail.

How to use Pearlcolors

To get the perfect result, we recommend that you drop a little water on the Pearlcolor and wait for a couple of minutes for the pigments to dissolved. Then mix well with a brush until the color has a creamy consistency.

The color can then be used directly with a brush or applied to both sides of the nib for calligraphy. It's important to wash off the oily surface when using new nibs (just use a little water) to prevent the color from sticking to the nib.



  • 德國手工製造
  • 只使用兩種天然成分製造,不含動物成分
  • 色素豐富不退色
  • ASTM-4236認證和CE認證

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