Creative Ink Holders Nib Holder

Regular price HK$540.00

Protect your nibs from dust and damage with this stylish holder! Not just suitable for desktop use; magnets are installed in the bottom of this folder that attract your nibs, keeping them fixed in the holes and making this holder great for travel.

The base of this holder has 12 spaces, and you can insert multiple nibs of the same type into one hole. Thus, the holder can store from 12 to 50 or more nibs. The cover is a beautiful translucent white with a kraftex top.

Constructed of epoxy resin, wood, sand, and kraftex. Packaged in a cotton storage bag and cardboard tube. Holder dimensions: 2.24” x 0.7” OR 57mm x 18mm. Cover dimensions: 2.24” x 2.05” OR 57mm x 52mm. Important: Do not leave the holder in direct sunlight.

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