Craft By ME UV Resin Light

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Craft By ME UV Resin Light

配合UV Resin使用,可製作瑪瑙石等物料表面的保護層,以達到防刮效果。

UV Resin產品詳情:

The Resin Craft by Me UV Mighty Light is small but cures UV resin in seconds. The UV light includes a timer function and is easy to move around any workspace. The USB power cord makes it easy to take the light to classes or get-togethers. This 5.7x2.2x7 inch package contains one UV light. 9W, uses USB power cable. Actual light size approximately 6x2x2 inches.

CAUTION when handling cured resin might be HOT! CAUTION: Ultraviolet light hazard. Do not shine directly in eyes. Do not use if sensitive to UV light. CAUTION: Do not use near water. Dry location only. WARNING: Not intended for children age 12 and under. Imported.

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