Tombow Mono Zero Eraser 特幼擦膠筆

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  • 直徑2.3mm極細丸型橡皮蕊是設計圖、底稿、細部修正精密的利器。
  • 按壓式推出,每按一次推出0.7mm的橡皮,是針對細微部份的修正最佳長度。
  • 金屬製導管,緊密支撐橡皮蕊,不易斷裂。
  • 細長筆型設計,攜帶方便。

The innovative eraser MONO zero eraser is ideal for precise erasing, it has a round tip measuring 2.3 mm in diameter.

It is an essential utensil for all professional or recreational use that requires pinpoint erasing.

Refillable and latex free.

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