Canson XL Marker Pad (100 Sheets)

Regular price HK$96.00
XL® Marker is a semi-transparent, very white and very smooth layout paper.
It is water resistant and has a barrier to prevent ink penetration: the ink remains on the surface and does not go through the paper. Very smooth 70 gsm paper which is very popular among calligraphres. 100 Sheets.
  • 非常多Calligrapher使用的簿
  • 70g紙,好處是可透底,方便在紙下面放Guideline Sheet書寫,不用直接在紙上畫線
  • 雖可透底,但紙質非常堅韌
  • 紙質順滑適合沾水筆Dip Pen、Marker及各種顏料
  • 100頁 12x9 inch 

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