Calligraphy Ruler by Aquino da Silva 英文書法專用間尺

Regular price HK$65.00

Tool for drawing Copperplate/Spencerian guidelines simpler and faster. This ruler allows users to rule lines from 3mm to 7mm x-heights and a 55/52 degree slant. Portable and can easily fit into your pencil case. 


Engrosser Script

  • 55度的斜位方便製作Copperplate的Slant Lines
  • 支援3-7mm X-Height
  • 雙比例間距2:1:2和1.5:1:1.5


  • 52度的斜位方便製作Slant Lines
  • 支援1-3mm X-Height
  • 比例間距3:2:3

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