Brush Lettering Self Learning Kit 自學套裝 - Luxury Kit

Regular price HK$670.00

Font:Brush Lettering + Romantic Lettering (如圖二&三) 

Each Set include:

  • Tombow Brush Pen 10 Color Set (Random Set)
  • Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen 12 Color Set (Random Set)
  • Tombow Fudenosuke 筆之助 Brush Pen
  • Tombow Waterbrush
  • 台灣筆尖溫度Brush Copybook (Video Demo Included) 
  • 台灣筆尖溫度Romantic Brush Lettering Copybook (Video Demo Included
  • France Rhodia Pad (Orange or Black Cover)
  • Canson Watercolor Card (Postcard Size)
  • German Finetec Watercolor (Random Color)

For the copybook, there are 26 letters, numbers, and single word exercises printed on imported paper. A total of 30 sheets.


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