Breath of Paper Place Card 對摺名牌 (多色選擇)

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  • Place Card for events
  • Made with high quality card paper
  • Suitable with dip pen and ink
  • 30pcs per set
  • 4 x 1.5 inch (Folded size)
  • 坊間少見的對摺Place Card,可作宴會、活動名牌;或者用作迷你感謝卡/禮物卡也非常精緻
  • 高質卡紙製成
  • 一盒30張
  • 4 x 1.5 inch (對摺後)

Color Option:

  • Rose - Rosebud (深粉紅) x 15pcs;Old Rose (淺粉紅) x 15pcs (300gsm)
  • Forest - Grass (淺綠) x 15pcs;Eucalyptus (墨綠) x 15pcs (270gsm)
  • Haze - Mist (杏色) x 10pcs;Natural (米白) x 10pcs;Pale Grey (淺灰) x 10pcs (270gsm)
  • Racing Green x 30pcs (300gsm) 
  • White (300gsm)
  • Baby Blue (300gsm)
*You can choose your own color for each set


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