Amsterdam Acrylic Ink (白/金/銀) 適合書寫不同質料

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Amsterdam acrylic ink is incredibly versatile. Made with a high concentration of high-quality, lightfast pigments, this ultra-fluid acrylic combines the best properties of ink with the benefits of acrylic paint – it doesn’t fade and it dries quickly with a permanent finish. This ink can be used straight out of the bottle with airbrushes, technical pens, fountain pens, brushes or the included dropper. It can be used on different surfaces such as glass, acrylic, wood, leather etc.
  • 顏色鮮豔
  • 防水,防褪色,無臭
  • 可以於不同質料上使用
  • 可用於Dip Pen,Brush,Airbrush etc
  • 每樽30ml,滴管設計
  • Made in Denmark

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