Ink 墨水

ZIG Kuretake Sumi Ink 黑色墨水

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ZIG Kuretake Sumi Ink


  • 水性顏料,順滑流暢,易於控制。
  • 可與油性顏料共用。
  • 不會化開,墨汁乾後防水。
  • 專業藝術創作或業餘練習均適用。
  • 寬闊的底部令墨液不易翻倒。特大瓶口設計方便直接蘸墨使用。

Although it is advertised for drawing, this ink is wonderful for lettering as well. It delivers the same richness as the other sumi inks we carry with a little less odor. When using ink for illustration, a high quality ink is a must. This rich, opaque black ink flows nicely from a nib or a brush.

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