ZIG Calligraphy Metallic Pen 6 Colors Set 金屬色書法筆

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ZIG Calligraphy Metallic

These metallic pens are perfect for using on dark card.  As they have a square tip they can be used to write Italic, Gothic, Roman etc. Zig Calligraphy Metallic markers are double-ended with a 3.5mm square tip on one side, and a 2mm square tip on the other.

Water-based pigment ink is acid-free, lightfast, archival-quality, photo-safe, waterproof, odorless, and will not bleed through most papers. Great for coloring books, journals, cardmaking, and a variety of other paper crafts!

The metallic Zig Calligraphy markers differ from other metallic markers in that they do not have a valve-action tip. That means no pumping and priming, and no risk of getting blobs of ink all over your work!



  • 水性顏料、無酸、耐光、無臭、無二甲苯、防水
  • 雙頭筆咀提供兩種粗幼 (3.5mm及2mm平頭筆咀)

一set 6色包括金、銀、藍、綠、紅、紫

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