Unique Oblique - Sorcerer’s Spell Writer

正常價格 HK$1,470.00

美國手製筆桿工匠 - Brian Smith。他的品牌叫Unique Oblique,意思是每款筆桿只製作一支,是獨一無二的。以下是Brian對這支筆桿的詳細描述和背後意義。

Sorcerer’s Spell Writer

This is an awesome pen that I made from a piece of exotic Honduran Rosewood. I love the medieval-ish look of the pen; reminds me of something that a sorcerer would use in his dark castle tower...writing mystical spells and conjuring up all kinds of magical mischief. Writing his cryptic spells and incantations in ancient, dusty, leather-covered manuscripts and old books. That is the image I was going for when I designed this pen.

I spent a lot of time turning the intricate, highly detailed designs into the handle stem. They take some time for sure, but this pen just wouldn't be the same without the customized one-of-a-kind meticulous turnings. It adds to the mystical ambience and "magic-like appearance". 

I dyed the pen with a dark brown translucent aniline dye (color-fast and UV protected dye). I wanted that deep dark medieval-ish brown tone.

This pen is quite light in weight, and superbly balanced. You will love the way it feels in your hand and the way it performs for you. You can write all sorts of beautiful scripts (and maybe some magic spells of your own).

This pen is a professionally handmade custom calligraphy pen. It will easily and happily meet the rigors of professional use.

It is finished with my super hardshell clear coat finish (I put 16 coats on this pen). Hand applied finish, one coat at a time (not a spray on finish). Meticulously wet-sanded and buffed out to a mirror-like sheen that is extremely durable. This finish is ultra-durable, and will never become sticky or gummy, not ever; and if ink dries on this finish, you can simply scrape it off with your fingernail. My finishes are very glasslike in their feel and appearance.