Unique Oblique - Blueglass Swirl Acrylic Writer

正常價格 HK$1,480.00

美國手製筆桿工匠 - Brian Smith。他的品牌叫Unique Oblique,意思是每款筆桿只製作一支,是獨一無二的。以下是Brian對這支筆桿的詳細描述和背後意義。

Blueglass Swirl Acrylic Writer


A super nice and eye-catching handmade pen; I made this one from a solid block of acrylic resin, so it is very durable. You will be amazed at the “glass-like” feel and appearance of this pen, but you will be very pleased that it is not heavy in weight as real glass, and it is not fragile as real glass would be.

It feels great in the hand, and it’s sparkling glassy appearance makes this one a real eye-catcher and everyone who sees it will want to hold it, look at it, and of course try it out! And they will not be disappointed in any of these , as it looks and feels fantastic and is an absolutely wonderful writer.

This pen is a high-end, professionally handmade custom calligraphy pen. It is finished with my super hardshell clear coat finish (I put 16 coats on this pen). Hand applied finish, one coat at a time (not a spray on finish). Meticulously wet-sanded and buffed out to a mirror-like sheen that is extremely durable. This finish will never become sticky or gummy, and if ink dries on this finish, you can simply scrape it off with your fingernail.