Speedball Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit4 Colors Set

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Speedball Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit

SPEEDBALL ART PRODUCTS-Calligraphy Ink Palette Kit. These acrylic pigmented inks are ideal for calligraphy, drawing, painting, stamping and airbrushing. The rich vivid colors are free-flowing and easy to use. All colors are inter-mixable, water-resistant, and permanent. They can be used full strength or diluted for subtle tones.

This package contains four 0.4 fl.oz. jars of calligraphy ink (black, gold, silver, and white) and one 0.4 fl.oz. jar of pen cleaner. The archival-quality inks are water resistant, non-toxic, and acid free. The pen cleaner is non-toxic. Made in USA.