Handmade Wooden Penholder - Bloodwood, Gaboon Ebony, Holly and YellowHeart Oblique Penholder

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以Nickel作為Flange,調整為適合Leonardt EF Nib & Hunt 101使用。Nickel較硬所以比較難再調整Flange以配合其他筆咀。

A Zanerian Fine Art inspired Penholder. Turned with Bloodwood, Gaboon Ebony, Holly, & YellowHeart. A stunning holder referenced from a Zanerian Expert Oblique.

This penholder is fixed with a Nickel Silver flange, just like the original holders. Nickel Silver is a hard metal that is almost impossible to reshape after it has be changed. Meaning the flange is set for a specific nib. This flange is set for a Leonardt EF Principal nib, and a Hunt 101 nib. Other nibs may fit, but you wont be able to change the flange with just your fingers.

This pen has a wonderful and authentic shellac finish buffed to a nice sheen. Feels wonderful in the hands and won't become slippery from sweaty hands.

Pen is 8" Long (205mm)
Narrowest point of grip is 3/8" (9.5mm)
Widest point of grip is 1/2" (12.7mm)
Weight 10.1g

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