Creative Ink Holders Inkwell Carousel 旋轉墨水座

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墨水座輕輕一撥便可轉動。可放8個Dinky Dip,傾斜的角度更方便沾墨。中間擺放一個15ml瓶,可放筆咀或洗筆用途。套裝包括墨水座、2.5ml Dinky Dip 8個、15ml瓶一個、滴管一支。共7色可選:

Gray, Rose, Black, White, Brown, Terracotta, Vintage Green.

Rotating Inkwell ‘Carousel’ includes: Inkwell / Starter set of jars: 8 pcs-2.5 ml, 1 pcs-15 ml / Pipette 

The perfect accessory for calligraphy by pointed pen or brush. Imagine that all your favorite brands and colors of ink are collected in one place, and you can use them at the same time just by scrolling through the carousel. It holds eight jars 2.5 ml at an angle, which makes writing easier for the calligrapher.

In the center of the InkWell, you can place one large jar (15 ml) for your favorite ink, water, or for temporary storage of nibs.

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