限量版 Blackwing Pencil Volume XIX (Set of 12) (送Blackwing Point Guard)

正常價格 HK$218.00

 *購買Blackwing限量版,送Blackwing Point Guard一個!只餘最後一套

  • Blackwing限量版Volume系列
  • 紫色筆身配以黃色星星
  • 紀念美國憲法第十九修正案,禁止任何人因性別因素被剝奪選舉權。第十九修正案是美國女性選舉權運動的頂點,在這之前支持者已多次在地方和國家層級爭取這個權力。
  • 一盒12支

The Blackwing XIX is our tribute to the 19th Amendment and the ongoing fight for voting rights in the United States and around the world. It features a purple barrel and three-sided white and golden yellow imprint inspired by the suffrage flag, striped silver ferrule, and purple eraser. The firm graphite is perfect for writing a letter to your Representatives or making your voting plan.