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VersaChalk Chalk Marker (White/Classic/Metallic Set)

正常價格 HK$103.00


  • 這款筆可以寫於黑板,玻璃上,寫完可以用濕布擦走
  • 筆頭是3mm Bullet Tip
  • 可以擦得甩既質料: 黑板,玻璃,膠,陶瓷,鐵,白板
  • 永久質料: 紙,木,Painted Surface,Concrete

Since these water-based chalkboard markers have professional quality ink from Germany, they will not smudge. They write smoothly and effortlessly. This pen can be used on a variety of surfaces including chalkboards, plastics, metals, glass, and vinyl. However, they should always be tested first and should not be used with any other chalk media. The ink can be removed quite easily by using a damp cloth or paper towel. These nibs are also very sturdy and will last outlast any other marker in comparison.