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<預購> Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Fountain Pen

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到貨時間: 約10月尾-11月 (如遇上清關延誤等問題時,到貨時間有機會有所變動。恕不能因為延誤到貨而退款。) 


Capturing your most magical memory of the midway, The Carousel is a joyous writing instrument that combines tactility and nostalgia in a lightweight body to create a charming experience with every single detail. The all new custom-ground steel nib is playful and agile, able to produce beautifully nuanced lines with its subtle flexbility. Available in both fine and medium weights, it laser-etched with a galloping horse that dances to your every word.

  • Pocketable 128mm length
  • All new playful steel nib with custom debossed design
  • Roll-stop cap with merry-go-round inspired design
  • Light weight body for extended use
  • Hexagonal grip section
  • Comes equipped with an International Standard Size ink converter
  • Fine and Medium Nib

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