The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide

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  • 坊間最詳細的Brush Lettering Guide
  • 不同Brush Pen介紹
  • 由最基本的Brush Stroke教起
  • 每個字母的10種寫法介紹
  • Flourishing教學

162頁 / 2017年出版 / 20.3CM x 25.4CM

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide has something for everyone - from beginners that have never used a brush pen, to seasoned letterers looking for new stylistic, expressive options and ideas. Each lesson builds on itself, unlocking endless opportunities inside the playful art of brush lettering.This book covers it all, from the ever-so-important basics, through a journey of faux calligraphy, a comprehensive brush pen guide along with how they're used, pages of different alphabet styles, unique flourishes and ligatures, to creative step-by-step DIY projects. Dive in and discover your unique style.